COUNTRYSouth America
CITYBernal- Piura, Peru
NAMEPilar Roosevelt Libertad Agurto Plata
MONTH, YEARJanuary,  2007
ISSUESever Pain in Joints. Cigarette Addiction
GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRAShe was Suffering of severe pains in the joints.
She used to feel uneasy, stressed, angry.
Had a bad habit of smoking cigarettes.
Had poor eating habits
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRAJoints pain disappeared completely.
Bad habit of smoking cigarettes was eradicated.
Her eating habits changed.
She found inner peace, a clear mind and contentment and positive outlook on the life.
TYPE OF THERAPYPerforming Agnihotra and Trimbakam daily
DISEASE CATEGORYJoints Pain. Smoking addiction


Teacher Agurto with daughter Claudia and grandchild Lucia.

For me personally, Homa Therapy is a discipline. It came into my life at a crucial moment, when I was suffering of severe pains in the joints, generally feeling uneasy, stress, anger, etc. After almost seven years of practice my problems attenuated or disappeared completely. I eradicated the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. I changed my eating habits and I recaptured the joy of living to serve with a smile.
I became aware of the importance of proper breathing, which purifies our mind and our body and elevates our spirit in a Homa atmosphere. Homa Therapy helps to find inner peace, a clear mind and contentment. Through these healing fires I learnt to see life as a simple, but great experience, because love flows so easily and problems can be faced with a smile.
Nowadays, my daughter Claudia Eillen and my grandchild Lucia live a prosperous and happy life. We have a positive outlook on the present and the future, Thanks to the practice of the fires of the Therapy Homa and we are happy they are carried out in many parts of the world. A big hug to all.

Pilar Roosevelt Libertad Agurto Plata
Bernal- Piura, Peru, South America